Lent provides Christians with a dedicated time for reflecting on forgiveness, both seeking it from God and extending it to others. This practice involves letting go of grudges, reconciling with those who have wronged us, and embodying the forgiving nature of God. By actively practicing forgiveness, individuals aim to experience healing and cultivate a spirit of mercy and grace.

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Discussion Questions:

1)¬†Reflecting on Mary Johnson’s act of forgiveness towards Ohsea Israel, what do you think enabled her to extend such profound forgiveness despite the immense pain of losing her son? How might her choice to forgive resonate with Jesus’ teachings on forgiveness?

2) On Sunday, we emphasized the differences between forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration. How do you personally distinguish between these concepts? Can you share an experience where you forgave someone but struggled with reconciliation or restoration?

3) Jesus’ response to Peter about forgiveness (seventy times seven OR seventy-seven) challenges conventional notions of forgiveness. How does this teaching impact your understanding of forgiveness in your own life? Do you find it easy or difficult to apply this principle?

4) “Forgiveness is not contingent on the other person’s response or repentance.” How does this idea resonate with you? Can you think of a time when you struggled to forgive someone who didn’t acknowledge their wrongdoing?

5) Kyle suggested that practicing Lenten disciplines like prayer, fasting, and Scripture reading can lead to a greater awareness of areas where forgiveness is needed in our lives. Have you experienced this personally? How have spiritual disciplines helped you in the process of forgiveness?

6) We ended our time on Sunday with a call to prayer for those whom God has placed on our hearts to forgive. Is there someone in your life that you need to forgive? If so, how can the group support you in this journey of forgiveness? If not, what steps can you take to cultivate a heart ready to forgive as you have been forgiven?